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New Year, New Blog

A new year always seems like a good time to start a new project and this represents the more successful of my notions for a new year project (I’ve yet to actually go on a single run in 2017, so this is certainly 100% more successful than project ‘get fit’.) I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully; to come up with an overarching term for the subject matter of this blog, so will simply outline it below.

The primary subject matter will be related to space law and policy, it’s a topic that I’ve been interested in for a while now and is the focus of my PhD research (which relates specifically to asteroid mining.) However, I am also interested in exploring law and policy relating to AI, robotics, autonomous weapons and nuclear weapons (well arms control.)  Space law and policy will certainly be the primary focus as that’s the area of my greatest expertise.

I will post when I have something to say, though will endeavour to do so ‘regularly’. I aim to have my first post out this coming Friday as it’s the 50th anniversary of the opening for signature of the Outer Space Treaty, and fittingly if not unsurprisingly the topic will be the Outer Space Treaty at 50.

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